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Taemin was so cute when he wear girl clothing...suit him rite?? really looks like a real girl...and weak same like a girl too!!! i hope he will be stronger after this...

p/s: this chapter was my co-writer ideas...i will continue it...plz give me a little time...cuz i need to think hard for writing fanfic...anyway, enjoy reading this chapter!!!

At Gangwon High School...

When Eunji was on the way back home after finished her works at library.That's a student's life like her as the librarian who really honestly to give some help to all students who really need it.
"...~nuna neomu yeppo...michyeo~..."

Eunji's Samsung Corby "Black Chic" phone was "ringing". It's mean someone called her."Annyeong...~",she answered it but she doesn't heard anyone replied her words."Hello!!anyone there???where did you get my number???",she mad at the stalker who doesn't spoke any words.She turned off her phone,so that a stalker not called her back."It's been 2 weeks the stalker keep disturb my life~".


"Guess who??~",someone closed her eyes.It's makes her shocked and a boy nearly got hit by her."Who are you!!???",she asked while hit that boy with her thick dictionary book. The boy was scared until he can't protect himself because he's too weak."Yah!It's me!!!Lee Taemin..!!",a boy tried to exposed his image in front of her,so that Eunji not hit him again until he passed out."Phew...~Taemin always make a scary joke at me.Can you stop doing like that!?",Eunji mad at him."Mianhae..~But I like to tease you.Hey,I do that because I want take back my revenge because you hide my science note.But,gratefully,Mrs.Juri is a fan of me,so that's why she not getting mad at me..",he pretended to be sulk.Both of them walked together from school.

"Aigooya..if you make something to take a revenge because of a small thing,it's easy for me to attack back.But,seriously,you make me shocked like a hell.Feels like you are a son of Ju-On!!",suddenly she burst to laughed."You look so cute when you laugh~So that's why I keep tease you because I love your smile.".Taemin only show his love in his heart.He scared if Eunji will not accept him as her boyfriend if he confessed his feelings toward to her.

At night..

At Eunji's house..

"Ha...~Finally!I already finished my homework.",she feels happy because she finished all homeworks. Gratefully, all the book that had been recorded were being kept at the “recorded book” shelf.
~Geez..I'm super tired now!!!!",she kept mumbled while stretched her body.She looked at her table clock.It's 12:00a.m."It's already 3 times eomma called out my name for dinner but I ignored it.Geez..I'm too busy with all these work until forgot about my healthy..",she also can hear a "weird" sound from her stomach."I'm hungry..".

She went to the kitchen to find any foods to ate.She opened the cabinet food and found 2 packs of "ramyeon"(Korean instant noodles)."Because I'm super hungry now,let me cook all this ramyeon~",quickly she turn on the stove,put a water in pot and waited until it boiled.Suddenly,she heard a weird sound from outside the house.She took a spatula as her 'weapon' to hit the guy who make a weird sound at the outside of her house."Maybe the stalker who called me before at outside of my house now..~",she remember back about the stalker who called her before.Slowly she opened the door,she saw the guy was hiding behind the bush.With her 'weapon',she hit him."OUCH!!!!IT'S HURT!!!!",the guy was screaming as a girl."I think I know this voice..",she guessed someone's voice.She patted his shoulder but the guy was scared because she hit him too strong."Don't kill me!!I'm not marry yet!!!I'm still study now...~", the guy kept mumble something nonsense until can make Eunji nearly wanna laugh.She looked at his face."Taemin ah..It's me..~","Eunji..?I lost my cat..",he nearly wanted to cry."Sally?Your cat,Sally was gone?"

It took 1-2 hours to search Taemin's lovely female cat,Sally."Hey,Taemin!It's 2:00 a.m now..~We've already finished our ramyeon to wait her came back to you,but it failed.Plus..~I'm sleepy now.~",she talked while yawned."Mianhae..~if I forced you to help me..~",Taemin replied back in lower tone while looked on the ground." are my bestfriend forever,so I must help you..",Eunji tried to calm him with her charming smile."'re right.."."But my heart still say that I love you~",he still kept his true feelings in heart.


"Hey,did you heard..","Ne..~",Eunji cut his words.Taemin saw something that can make he laughed in sudden."Yah..~why are you laughing?You will make all neighbors wake up with your crazy voice~"."Oh yeah..~I think you put some meat on your ramyeon until Sally can smell from far away.Look,she eat it!",Taemin still can't stop laughing."My ramyeon..~",Eunji pretended to be sulk.Taemin grabbed his Sally and brought back to his home.Before he entered to his house,he came nearly at Eunji and gave a kiss on her cheek."Thanks,Eunji~",he bowed."Gwen...Gwenchana..",she stuttered after got a first kiss from her bestfriend."Sally,wave your hand to Eunji..~say goodbye..~",he talked with his cat while held his cat's hand and waved it to Eunji.It's make Eunji feels happy."Bye,Sally..~",Eunji waved to him and Sally.

At Eunji's bedroom..

Before slept,Eunji washed her fair face.Suddenly,when she touched her cheek,she remembered back her first kiss."Aigoo..~he's my bestfriend!!Eunji..~calm down..he's your bestfriend..",she kept wash her face.Before she layed her body on bed,someone sent a message through her phone."Lee Taemin..".She read a mesage from Taemin.

"Don't think something nonsense,arasso.That kiss only for you as my bestfriend.I hope our relationship still strong until we die..~"

Last sentence for Eunji before she slept.Such a sweet sentence can make her relax when she slept.

Meanwhile,at Taemin's room.

"I must keep you as my bestfriend before I say I love you.I don't want you to feel upset if I confess it.Lee Taemin,you must stay strong!", Taemin's passion about Eunji will not fade !!


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Main Characters

Here is the main characters of this fanfic...of course its me as the heroin...i will add up some characters later...depend on my idea and my co-writer idea....^^


Choi Minho
-transferred students from
Sports School that famous in Seoul
-full of flaming charisma

-make all the girls melts include Eunji

-goods in sports and join taekwondo clubs

-love Eunji when see her at the taekwondo trainning ,but ego with his flaming charisma

-not like to help other people except Eunji

-looks down on Taemin because he is weak and a little bit skinny…


juz imagine me as Jiyeon ok??? hehe~ even i'm not cute like her...but i really wanna be like her...just in this fanfic...^^

Lee Eunji
-a cheerful person

-popular among the boys in school
-her smile can melts all da boys include Taemin and Minho

-a member of taekwondo club, join the club because want to defense herself from stalker that always stalk her

-fall in love in Minho at the first sight when see his flaming charisma

-Taemin’s bestfriends and classmate

-love to tease Taemin because he is weak


Lee Taemin
-an average students

-weak but good in dancing since it was his interest

-same class with Eunji and very close to her because eunji always help Taemin in studies

-love Eunji but hide his feeling from Eunji

-hate Minho that steal Eunji heart

-join taekwondo club to be stronger and seduce Eunji

3 fangirls of Minho,which also an antis of Eunji..
(i use this singers just for fun ok...not because i hate them...but because i feel jealous with them..same things right??hehe~but surely i just use them in this idea suddenly come,i just use it....kekeke~)

+Go Hara
-leader of Minho fangirls club, that a club special made for Minho

-got a straight long hair and pretty face

-many guys fall for him because her pretty looks and charms

-a daughter of Korean famous company president, DSP(Dress Silk Princess) which is a company of a lots of branded girl clothing

-really hate Eunji, because eunji is more famous and pretty among the boys

-plan a evil plan to Eunji drop off school

(i got this idea when watching invincible youth...where there is the moments Hara n Minho..honestly i feel a liltle jealous see them together..and she was Minho ideal's girl...hmmmm...hehe~)

+Kim Hyunna
-a sexy and gorgeous member of Minho fangirls club

-heir which of a biggest company and she was always called as JYP (Jewellery Young Princess),because her
family is open a top rated jewellery that popular among teenagers

-try to seduce Minho with her sexy looks

-cooperate with Hara and Sulli to kick out Eunji from school

(ehm...for Hyunna...when i watch the starking..but not sure which episode...when Minho do 'change' cute when i heard Hyunna call minho 'oppa' way!!! only me can call his that way...hehe~)

+Choi Sulli
-the youngest among the Minho fangirls group

-have a very cute face n known as SME(So Milky Expression)

-even look like an angel, she also have evil side in herself

-love Minho at first but fall in love with Taemin then

-be kind with Eunji to trap her by follow Hara evil plans

(for Sulli...when she had a CF with Minho and Taemin...firstly, she filmed the CF with Minho..but then she filmed it with Taemin...why did she filmed it with my 2MIN?! jealously has flow around my body....hehe~)

My First Fanfiction and Co-writer PD Younin

thats my 16th bday cake!!! looks yummy right??hehe~

Dear my readers, this is my first fan fiction n blog..its name is ‘Yummies Cakes Love’..because I really love to eat cakes..and love is like cakes..full of colourful, sweetness, type and flavors..hope you all like it..sorry for the boringness in my story and my broken english..because i'm not so good in english….

MinEunTae Triangle Love

This story is inspired by KBS Drama, Boys Over Flowers..a triangle love that between me,Minho and Taemin…i think I just copy and edit a little parts..sorry for my ‘cilok’ fan fic..because i'm not so good in writing..but please don’t forget to leave your comments after read this fan fic…okay?..i will try to improve it..

And for addition my fanfic has a co-writer...PD Younin...she was very good in writing, i will write some...then she will continue my this fanfic is not only my ideas...but her ideas too...hope you will like our fanfic...and sorry once again...if you find my english was so hard to understand...because my english was sooooooo broken....mian~