Friday, February 4, 2011



After a few days, Eunji still take some rest in her room. She can’t stop thinking about the mysterious guy that are still haunting in her mind. She try to figure out who was that person actually. His voice sound very similar. Suddenly she flashback the time that happened 4 years ago.

A handsome guy came with a bouquet of flower and was waiting for her at the bench in her school. That guy was being interested in Eunji since Eunji first year at Gangwon High School. He just 2 years older than her. He was her sunbaenim.

"Eunji-ah ~ Oppa have something to confess "
“Mwo?? Palli2 tell me, I was so busy right now”
“Saranghaeyo Eunji-ah ~!!! Oppa love you so much, just so much until I just can’t endure it. Please accept my sincere love just for you, Eunji. I don’t even think u as my dongsaeng. I see you as wonderful girl ever.” He saying that sweet words while knelt down and gave that bouquet of flower to her.

Eunji freeze for a while. She just can’t believe what had happened in front of her eyes. But as the librarian and the taekwondo blackbelt holder , she don’t have free time like other girls to go out with their namja-chingu.
“Oppa, mianhae ~ jongmal minhae and thank you so much for confessing your true feeling to me. But I just can’t accept your proposal. Please understand me.”

That time, Eunji was so busy with her librarian works until she has no time to be on date with anyone. Finally, she just make a decision to reject that sunbaenim’s proposal directly. Eunji just rushing to the library after she said that awful words to that sunbaenim.

“Eunji-ah. How dare you dumped me just like this?!!!! Oppa had dressed up with the nice outfits and bought a bouquet flower just to confess my love for you. I’ll make you suffer because of your heartless answer towards me. JUST WAIT AND SEE IT LATER !!!!”

That rejected guy just crying out loud and he seem can’t accept Eunji’s answer. He grab his fist tightly and he swear that he will make Eunji regret with her answer.

Back to the real time where Eunji is still laying on her bed.
“ Oh, that oppa. But could that masked guy was him?? Their voice seem similar but ~~ andwae ~!!! Maybe it just other person. I can’t remember his name. Nam ~ Nam ~ something.. uhh ~~ I just so tired right now. Maybe I should just sleep”
Eunji just go back to her dreamland. Her action just be watched by Minho. Minho feel worried about that guy who were trying to rape Eunji. He feels more worried since Eunji was sick and he feels responsible to take care of his ‘girl’.

Suddenly , a stranger throw out the rock at Eunji room’s window. Eunji still asleep since she was really tired. After heard that noise, Minho just run to the front gate and check out what happen. He see a stranger and then the stranger run away after saw Minho coming to the front gate. Minho found a piece of paper that had been left by that stranger. He read the contains of that paper.


Minho feel shocked with that paper contains. He know that Eunji was in dangerous situation. He must protect her from that stranger. After a while, Taemin come to visit Eunji. He saw Minho at Eunji’s house. He feel uneasy when see that boy who teased him before.

“ What are you doing here at my bestfriend’s house?!! Are u try to make her more sick ?!!” ask Taemin angrily.
“ Yah ~! I thought who was that. Is you, woody boy ~. I stay at her house. Well, my family just sent me to her house while they are working overseas. So, I will be staying here until they comeback to Korea”
“Mwo?!!! No way !! he is staying in the same house with Eunji? How that could happen when I wasn’t here. Shit . I’m scared that he will do something bad to Eunji or take advantage towards Eunji” Taemin whispered to his heart.

“ Taemin-gun, Eunji was in danger right now. Someone attack her before. You know it right??”
“ Yeah, I knew it from Junho hyung. Waeyo??”
“I just got this letter from a stranger a while ago. He threw a rock at Eunji room. Here is it”
What?!! He even get into Eunji room ??
Taemin read that letter carefully. He also shocked when read that letter. He can really feel that the stranger will attack her once again. Eunji also almost being raped!!!

“ Aigooo ~!!! How dare he trying to touch my Eunji. I really can’t forgive that kind of person!! I must protect her till the end.~!! “ said Taemin with full of spirit. He didn’t want to see Eunji hurt.
“ KEKKEKEKE~!!!” Minho laugh hardly. It is the first time Taemin see Minho was laughing to him.
“Yah!!! Why are u laughing??”
“ How you will protect Eunji with that woody muscle?? I guess you can’t even break a piece of wood with that kind of muscle”
“ Minho ~!!! Stop teasing me!!”
While in Eunji room. She suddenly wake up from her sleep.
“ NAM WOOHYUN ~!!!!!”
Taemin and Minho just went in to the house when heard Eunji screaming.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Chuseok holiday is begin.It suppossed to be the most happiness holidays ever.But,not for Eunji and all peoples in home..~


"Can't you recognize my voice.."

A few words came from that stranger still haunted Eunji's mind,with her weak condition at the next morning..~She still sat on her bed.

"His voice...really familiar...a guy..a guy that I met 4 years ago..",Eunji tried to remind back."Argh!!!If I keep thinking about it,my holidays will become the worst holiday ever!!!",she feels upset while threw a pillow.

She doesn't knew that someone was hit by her pillow when he opened the door."Yah!!",Junho yelled."Oppa..~",Junho came with a set of breakfast in a tray."Everytime I enter to your room,I feel I enter to your tae-kwon-do's practice room..threw that and that..~",Junho kept yelling at her but Eunji just remain silent..~She still not well..~

"So,are you feels better now?",Junho asked.He touched his sister's forehead.She smiled.A fake smile with full of sadness."I'm sorry..",a brother who ready to feed his sister a breakfast of kimchi fried rice confessed something to her in sudden."Why?",Eunji said."I can't be your good brother...~I keep yell at you although you always ignored it...~I can't...",Junho can't continued his words because his lovely sister gave a warm hug.

"Nagging is 'good' for me..~because you love brother love me..~",Eunji still on Junho's side.

"Thank you..",he tapped her shoulder.

Minho who seeked these Lee's siblings feels a bit sad."Why I must born as the only son of family?",Minho kept asked in his heart...~

* * * *

Nothings to do during the holidays..~




+CHATTING..(she's only chat with her fans..~not Taemin..)


"Boring..~",Eunji still on her bed..~reading a few of comics that she bought from Seoul Comic Festival with Taemin..

"Taemin!!",suddenly,she mention his name.She grabbed her cellphone and tried to called him."Wait!!",she stopped for a while.

"Am I must call him now?Maybe he busy right now!",Eunji thinking.Suddenly,a ringtone of "Lucifer" was rang from her cellphone.

What she can see..~Taemin..~her bestfriend's called her.



Remain silent...for a while..

"Eunji ah..~are u there?"

"Ne...err..~I..whatever..~I miss you..~"

Eunji feels a bit shy.For Taemin..he's happy....of course..~

"Me too..It will be the most worst Chuseok Festival soon..~"

He sighed.


"I can't celebrate it with you..~"

Eunji can feels how sad he is...~

"Mianhae..~you must sacrifice it..all peoples need to sacrifice to reach their own dream..~make your become true..~not only come from your words to say it..~"

Eunji's words really made Taemin's spirit became higher,and higher!!!

"I know..~I'll bet,you also feels boring now..~"

As he though..~it's true..~

"Ne..~you always bring me at everywhere during holidays..~Now,I'm a fatso who spend her holidays only eat..sleep..nagging..~bla,bla,bla..~"

"Aniyeyo..~the picture that you sent with my cat..~look so cute!!I think you r the most cutest than my cat..~Plus,I like you spoiler image with my cat!!"

He's laughed..~Eunji also feels entertainted by him..

"Aigoo..~You are so funny!!Did you learn from Dongjun?"

As you know,Dongjun not only a prankster,but he also good in making peoples happy...

"Ne..~So that everytime I call you,I will tell any jokes to entertain you,although we apart now..~"

Just heard the way he said..~Eunji a bit sad..~

"Mianhae..~I know you will upset if I say that..~"

"Gwenchana..~Ok!I must hang up now!!Junho will be mad if I'm not going downstair to help him tidy up our dirty home..~"

"Ne..enjoy your holiday..and..~~"

Taemin was stuttered..~He wanted to said that he love her..~


"Err..nothing..~Hope I can touch your cheek before I I always do at you.."

Suddenly,Taemin heard a sound from Eunji..Seems she made a 'kiss sign' at him..


Aigoo..~Taemin feels so excited!!

"Haha!!!MMUAH!!OK!!Hang up now!!jya~"

Both of them hang up together..


"I love you,Eunji..",he can't said it to her..




In the evening,at Eunji's fanclub room..

It's not what you thinking when it call as 'fanclub room',all Eunji's fans played something funny or show their love to their beloved Eunji.

All what they did are...finishing their homeworks together with her,before Chuseok's holiday begun.

" looks tired now..",one of her junior talked to her."Aneyo...~",Eunji's lied."Of course I'm tired...!!!This is the last day we schooling today and tomorrow,Chuseok holiday is begin.So,hurry up!!!",that's a real Eunji.

Eunji was a 'teacher' for her junior..everytime they wanted to had a study group after school day,Eunji was a person that they need.

"Eonni,can you help me to solve this equation?",another girl asked her.Whenever it was too tired for her,but she still want to taught them..

* * * *

"Thank you,sunbaenim..",a group of girls were bowed down of Eunji's serviced."Your welcome.Enjoy your holiday,guys!!",Eunji waved at them,while they were made a steps to the outside of the school.

* * * *

She busy packed all her books into the bag,and tidy up her room before she leave.Suddenly,the door was locked.She was shocked."Aigoo....who lock this room!!!??",Eunji tried to opened but failed.She knocked too hardly but that's no anyone at the outside."Oh my God,it's already 7PM now!Junho-oppa will mad at me!!",she mumbled to herself while looked at her wristwatch.

Unfortunately,she choosed to be upset and just waited for someone to saved her.

" me...I'm lonely..~",her bestfriend's name that she called out,but he still at Seoul.

* * * *

Meanwhile,at Seoul..

Taemin's group were take a breath before last rehearsal for that day was over."Hey,Taemin,let's eat now!!",Dongjun patted his shoulder."I'm not hungry now...",Taemin never looked at his face,but,only imagined that Eunji's face is beautiful than a view of Seoul city at night.It's mean he really miss her so much.

"Ok...",Dongjun just nodded.He gave a pack of sandwich and milk to Taemin."Eat it if you hungry..",Dongjun said before he leaved the training room.

When he looked at sandwich and milk,the first thing that he kept thinking was Eunji..

"Eunji always drink milk first,and then she eat her sandwich...",Taemin still remember the way she ate.

He took his milk and opened it.Badly,it was splitted out from it contain." is my bad luck!!",worse words came out from his mouth when he became stressed."Why I always feel worry about her now?",Taemin sighed.

* * * *

At school,in Eunji's fanclub room..

Eunji feels cold in room.Since,she wore school uniform...with her uniform's too cold,although she stay in room.

She tried to call her brother or someone else..

* * * *

At home..

"Ugh!!!where's that girl!!!??",Junho feels mad,while his fingers kept typing numbers on his white Samsung Corby phone.

Suddenly,Minho's phone was rang.

"Yeoboseyo?",Minho said."Minho ah...~can I talk to my brother...",Minho was shocked when he heard Eunji's voice who was stuttered and feels sick because of her room was in cold temperature at night.

"Hyeong!Eunji!!",quickly Junho took his phone after heard his youngest sister's name."Eunji!Where are you now!!!??You know what time is it now!!?",Junho kept mumbled after got to call Eunji."Someone locked my room...~I'm still at my room..~can you come at school and stop mumbled about that??",she burst into tears.Junho hanged up and took purple umbrella next to shoes drawer.

"Hyeong!!",Minho stopped him for a while."Just allow to get her back home,please..",Minho begged."She's mine,so,mind your own business!"he pushed him and nearly opened the door."Yah!She's cried like a crazy and now she's lonely in dark place and feels scared.And now,you angried with your youngest sister who need some help from her brother.That's you call youself as brother?",Minho 'attacked' back with his truthfully words.Junho stayed back because he feels shame in front of a people who doesn't born as Lee's family.He feels embarrassed because he can't be a good brother for Eunji.

Because too embarrassed,he only looked down,and gave an umbrella at Minho and went to upstairs."I hope she still save..",Junho said without looked at him for a bit."Maybe you should call your driver now!",Junho gave a suggestion."No!Eunji said I must live as an ordinary person!!",he leaved after said it.

* * * *


At school..


It sounds like a someone's foot.Someone walked near to Eunji's fanclub room.She's anxious."Is that Minho..?Junho?or someone..??",she scared.Suddenly,the door was opened.Eunji was happy because a mystery guy who wore black hoodie and mask opened a door for her.

"I..I don't know what I to say now.Thank you so much!",she hugged and quickly she took her school bag and went out.But,the mystery guy can caught her fastest than her."Hey,I wanna back home now!Can you let me go!?",Eunji tried to escaped from him but his hand too strong."If this person is Hara,it's impossible because his hand look...big!","Who are you?",Eunji asked.While stranger's hand kept held her."Can't you recognize my voice..",stranger said.Seems like he knew Eunji."His voice...looks familiar..",Eunji said.

The stranger held her hair but Eunji used her skills in tae-kwon-do.Unfortunately,a stranger seems can 'detected' the way she tried to kicked him.He punched her and...she fainted..~

Stranger said,"You rejected my love at you..I kept it 4 years ago.But you never saw it!",a stranger kept mumbled while touched Eunji's soft cheek.

Suddenly,Minho ran into the room and saw the stranger tried to loose her school uniform."Hey,don't touch my girl!!",Minho grabbed his collar and gave a strong hit on his face.The stranger was fell down because of Minho's strong punch."Who are you?",stanger asked him."And who the hell are you to touch my girl?",Minho asked him too."Watch your mouth kid!!",stranger woke up from his injured,and continued to made Minho suffered.But,Minho's eyes were sharp like a tiger which it already found a target to 'kill'.

Minho show that stranger how strong he is.

"I'll be back..~I'll never stop to make her suffer..and you..and Taemin..~",stranger was ran away from him because that was a lot of energy that stranger used to 'knock' him down but failed.

"Taemin?Why he must mention that 'woody boy'?",Minho confused.That's not important..~-_-"

"Eunji..~Eunji ah..~",Minho tried to woke her up but Eunji still looks like a weak person and her eyes still closing,like a goddess passed out while her musketeer busy try to save her.

"She's not wake up!",Minho try his hard to woke her up.Seems like..."She sleep..",Minho struggled with a kid which name as Eunji.

Suddenly,Eunji's cellphone rang.A phone screen was shown Eunji's bestfriend's name,LEE TAEMIN...~

Minho was a bit jealous because his 'contender' kept calling her non-stop.He turned off her cellphone.Minho carried here like a bride style and walked to his limo with a driver.

* * * *

At home...~

"Lee...Lee....~leeeeeeee....EEuunnjiii...~",Junho lay down on the sofa with full of anxious.His legs kept moved and moved non-stop,like a kid.

Someone rang a bell."Eunji!",the first thing that Junho kept remind is Eunji will save and back early.Unfortunately...

"Pizza delivery...~",an employee from pizza restaurant sent 2 boxes of pizzas."12,000 won",an employee continued."Ne,ne...don't say it too loudly..I know I will pay..",Junho mumbled while he picked out his purse."Mianhae..I'm a new worker...",a sweet voice came from a young female employee.When she looked at her customer,she smiled.That's a main theme for any

"So cute!!",Junho was shy.He gave his money for pizzas and quickly closed the door."Annoying...~",a young female employee said."At least,just bow a bit at me...or gave me a bit smile..although it's look awkward...arrogant!annoying!!everything bad start from a letter of A!!",she kept mumbled while walked to her motorcycle.

* * * *

"Aigoo...",Junho's heart beated so fast.

" can I order 2 boxes of pizzas without thinking about my sister..where is she now???",Junho sighed.

Suddenly,another sound of bell.Junho ran to the door and opened.It was Minho with a weak girl,Eunji who still not woke up.

"Hey,what happen??",Junho carried her while his mouth still can told Minho about her.

Minho told him everything happened to Eunji.He shocked when heard someone tried to rapped her.Most shockly,that stranger also mention about Taemin.

"Phew..but,thank God,you save my sister...",Junho took a depth shown that he's in good condition after saw his youngest sister was saved."Gwenchana...If I'm still stay at here..,I will protect her...don't worry,hyung.",Minho said.


Saturday, January 1, 2011



At a 'secret room' in Eunji's home..

"Geez...I'M TIRED!!!!!",Junho mumbled after put all his efforts in his dance.

Someone knocked the door..

"Anyeong..I'm here..",Eunji approached him.She brought some snacks and drinks for her brother."Oh..Eunji..Your brother is really starving now....",Junho acted like a little kid..Crawling to Eunji and kept pull her leg."Hey,hey!!Don't make my pants off!!",Eunji's mad.

* * * *
Meanwhile they were having fun eating their meals at 'secret room'..

"Hey, looks weird when you come at this room!",Junho feels weird with his youngest sister who kept looked around the room."I don't really know that our home has this room.Well,it's looks like a dancing room..our parents are dancer too..?",Eunji asking."I don't know..",Junho gave a simple answer.

Junho told a story of about the room,while these Lee's siblings were enjoyed their snacks.

[Junho's POV]

If I'm not wrong..I was 10 years old who really crazy about dance since we still stay at orphanage house.

After we moved out from there and stayed with our 'new' parents,My interest in dance was disappeared because I was too excited with our new parents.

When our principal told us about a 'new' parents will adopt us,I really don't want to be their son.Because,I was scared if they only picked me as their son and leaved,my life would be like Cinderella..being their slaves..But,I'm wrong,they are so nice..

For your information,our parents are working with the most wealthy company from Choi's family.(Eunji:at say it was Choi Sulli's family..not Choi Minho..)

That's not important,actually..(writer:silly Junho..xP)

So,they treated us like their own kids.(Eunji:maybe they were too busy until can know..~If a husband and wife want a kid n their life..they must do that..~)

Oh..I know..-__-"

When we moved to their house,I'm just walked around the house.

Suddenly,I found this room is located underground place of this home.When you walked at the alley to reach the door,it seems a bit mystery..(Eunji:I thought I was walking to the cave..T-T)

When I walked in,I saw many mirrors in this room.A piano also in this room...~

"That's our dance room..",omma said.

(Eunji:How can our parents worked as business person can be a dancer before..O_o)

"Your dad really love dancing..ballroom dancing...all type of classics dance..He will dance with me when we celebrated our marriage anniversary..",omma said..

[Junho's POV end]

"I see...",Eunji seems understand.

"Oppa,let's go to the upstairs..I'll bet someone will come here..It would be hard for us to hear their voice..",Eunji said.Junho just followed what his lovely youngest sister said.

When they reached to the living room,they heard a sound of car from the outside.

Junho followed the sound of car.He seek a sound of car from inside.

"Wow..a limo..!",Junho was shock.A white limo park in front of Lee's home in sudden.Eunji and Junho reached to the outside to found out who's the limo's owner.Suddenly,a driver with his smart uniform driver came out from limo and approached them.

"This is Lee Choiji's house?",driver asked someone from them."That's our father..~",Junho replied.Then,driver took a letter and gave it to Junho.Junho read it..

~Dear,my kids..Junho and Eunji..

Your father and mom are still in healthy.Well,I'm still busy at Canada now,while your beloved mom still taking care of my healthy too..Of course we miss you too..and also,Choi's family too..I work for him so I must fulfill his dreams..

Since Mr.Choi only has a son,he must live with you..Their parents must visit to Canada to discuss our next project..Since his son also study at Gangwon High,maybe you can help him and study,and be his friend..

Hope,you never make me disappointed,arasseo..~

Lastly,we want to say that we REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH..~Please forgive us if we not comeback to Seoul to celebrate Chuseok with you guys..~

Hope,with a new 'family member' in our house,he can bring a happiness in your life without us..


"See?Appa work with his family..~",Junho's story are real.

"Oppa,daddy say that his son also study at Gangwon High..And who is he?",Eunji asked him,but Junho kept shrug his shoulder.

"Wait..~",a driver gave a simple answer for her question.He went to the limo and opened the door for his master.

Eunji just can open her mouth widely because Lee's son that she must took care is...."Minho??",Eunji said.

"Ouh..this guy..",Junho sighed.Seems like he knew him as the most popular student at Gangwon High.

"Hey,am I must live at here?",Minho asked his driver and he's nodded.He just gave a big sighed.

* * * *
At night..~

Minho still in his outfit that he wore before he came at Eunji's home.

Meanwhile,Eunji and Junho had a conversation at the kitchen.

"Look..he still wear his outfit when he come at here..Ugh!That's mean he don't want to use our bathroom..He think our bathroom is dirty..~",Eunji feels uncomfortable while drank her orange juice."Hm..hey,I'm a boy,and he also..let me has a conservation..between me and him..face to face...",Junho show his braveness."Oppa!!Good luck!",Eunji gave a massage at his shoulder before a conversation between Minho and him was begun.

Junho made a first step to went out from kitchen to the living room.But..

"Oh my..I think I can't..What happen if our parents will be upset at us if we always mad him?",Junho lost his braveness just looked at Minho's face in sudden.

"Coward!",one word to describe Junho's personality when he looked at Eunji..

Eunji just walked to the living room while Junho followed him from behind.

"Minho's already 9PM..Just take a shower first,I will..I will cook a dinner for you guys..",Eunji said."It's okay..I'm not dying if I'm not change my outfit..",Minho said..with his arrogant face."Just say that you really can't take a shower using our bathroom!!We always clean up our bathroom everytime after we shower!!",Eunji's mad.

"You are live with ordinary house..all about ordinary..not a castle which full of luxurious..~",Eunji continued.

"I really don't know why my dad send me at this house..",Minho wanted to fight back.Junho just stood in the middle of a referee..

"I never ask your dad to take care of you..If you want to go home,just go!",Eunji fought back.

Then,Minho took all his things and went to the outside.Quickly Eunji closed the door and locked it.

"Eunji ah..~ARE YOU NUT!!!!!!!!???",Junho was shock."So what?I'll bet,his parents send him at us because they were tired to take care their 'naughty prince'..",Eunji said."Enough!Just stay here,and I want to cook for dinner..",Eunji went to the kitchen.

* * * *
After 30 minutes...after they ate their dinner..did something they want....They feels sleepy..

Junho was the first who went to sleep,except Eunji...

"Since I leave him at outside,I though his driver will take him home..but,he still there...",Eunji mumbled.

Suddenly,a sound of raining were came..It was raining heavily,but Minho still stay at outside and wore his thick coat to prevent from cold.He just sat at the bench and let him was wet.

"Omoo..",Eunji sighed.

Suddenly,Eunji saw Minho was took a nap at bench.

"Hey,hey!!the rain is going down heavily and now he taking a nap!!Are you nut,Minho!!??",Eunji took an umbrella and went out to the outside.

"Minho ah..Minho ah!!Wake up..",Eunji woke him up but doesn't any respond from him.She tried to touch his forehead."Ouch!!It's hot!!",Eunji panic.She brought him and all his things at her home..

* * * *
Minho was in half awake..~

When he was really woke up from his dream..He look all things around him.

"Since when my parents change all furniture into such a cheap's home..?",Minho confused.He kept rub his head.

"You are still at my home..",Eunji who can hear what he said was went out from the kitchen with her corn porridge.

"Why I'm still at here?Did you already kick me out from your home..?",Minho asked and looked at the meal that Eunji brought for her."It's raining heavily at outside and you was pass out at outside..Are you crazy?Just let a beloved prince like you at the ouside?",Eunji explained.

She gave a bowl of porridge at Minho who still lying down at sofa.It's hard for Minho to held such a hot bowl."Err...I though he's such a real man...But,I'm wrong..",Eunji still mumbled non-stop in heart."Let me feed you..",Eunji took a bowl of hot corn porridge from him."I'm not a little kid..",Minho took back a porridge."Not a little kid?I saw you was uncomfortable because it hot!!",Eunji still complained about his attitude.

Eunji feed him."Since you never taste my cook,do you want to blow it so that it will be a little warm when you take a bite?",Eunji show a spoonful of porridge at him.And Minho blew it,and took a bite.

Seems like he really enjoyed it.

"Wooow..",Minho can't controlled himself when he took a bite of corn porridge."Can you teach me how to do that?",a weird question from Minho.

"What?",Eunji asked again."I said,can you teach me how to cook it?",Minho talked again."Sure..",Eunji continued feed him,while Minho kept stare her eyes..

"Sometime...she's really cute..really,really cute than Hara..~",Minho just praised her inside of his heart.

After she finished feed him,Eunji took a bowl of corn porridge and went to the kitchen.But,her step was stopped in sudden when Minho held her hand."Can you accompany me for one night..?",Minho said..with full of hope.Eunji was too shy.."Ne..",she said and quickly ran to the kitchen.

"Woow..",Eunji rubbed her heart.Her heart was beated so fast when she looked at Minho's cute face."Don't say that I'm really like him now!!",Eunji said.

She seeked Minho from the kitchen..Minho was watching a television.She slowly walked at Minho and sat a little further from him and watched a television without caring about him.

"Yauwhhh!!!!",Eunji's yawned."Go to sleep,I will close this television..",Minho said.But,it's weird..He don't heard any sound that Eunji was replied his words..or just walked to her room..

Actually,she's already fall asleep...The way she slept made Minho was laughing non-stop.Because,her position when she slept at sofa was too fun..She slept like a person sat too polite at the sofa..

Minho took a blanket next to him and covered at her body.He touched her soft and fair cheek.He moved his face closely..he tried to kiss her cheek..

And then,he turned off the television."I'm also feels sleepy now..",Minho said while stretched his body.But,he can't moved his sight from looked at Eunji's beauty when she slept.

He touched her head and patted her at his shoulder..

Now,Eunji slept at his shoulder..

"Next time..I hope..You teach me how to be an ordinary person..who suddenly,falling for you...~",Minho said,although Eunji can't heard it because she's already fall asleep.





The atmosphere were change as usual since the rumor between Eunji and Seungho at library was end.All student feel guilty because of their 'rude ways' when they treated Eunji like a hell.

But,it never changed Eunji's heart to hate them.Furthermore,Eunji's fanclub still 'active' as the best fanclub in Gangwon High,although Minho's fanclub still on the 1st spot,while Eunji on the 2nd spot.Eunji never think to 'built' a new fan club even her fanboys were really 'crazy' with her.The main reason she made a new fanclub only want to help them in study,at the same time,her fanclub room also useful for tae-kwon-do training room.

* * * *
Eunji was bored and feels lonely because Taemin was absent due to the Summer Music Camp at Seoul.Her eyes only watched the view of school field.She can't looked at Taemin's chair because it might hurt her heart.

"Summer this year..without Taemin..~ugh..",she sighed,while she put her head on her desk."Eonni..",a girl's voice approached her."I know this voice..",Eunji recognized a girl's voice.She woke up from her 'sadness' because of Taemin's absent."Sulli..",she was shock when Sulli approached her with the moody face.

"What happen,Sulli?",Eunji asked while she took Taemin's chair and allowed her to sit next to her."Well,I want to confess something at you..",Sulli asked.She seems stuttered to confess it."What??",Eunji stared at her eyes.

"I like Taemin-oppa..",Sulli told her.Eunji seems shocked when her enemy's follower was falling in love with her bestfriend."So,just ask your senior for some help..",Eunji seems doesn't want to help her."Help?They called him 'woody' in front of me and now you wanna me to ask them for some help?",Sulli made her voice became higher."Hey!!Watch out your mouth!",Eunji closed her mouth.Thank God,nobody stay at her class during recess.

"So,what do you want from me?",Eunji asked."Stay away from him..?",Sulli answered.She seems scared if Eunji will not agreed."You want me to stay away from my bestfriend?Stay from Taemin who I know him since childhood.Oh no..~",as Sulli thinking about it,Eunji seems not agreed.Sulli feels a bit disappointed.

"Well,we become a bestfriend since he being bullied by his senior from elementary school..If I'm not wrong,Taemin was 6 years old..Start from that moment,we became a brother and sister..~Well,although I say I like him..I like him because of his attitude,his kindness..~not for love..~",Eunji told a story about her bestfriend,which name as Lee Taemin.

"What if..if..",Sulli show her interesting when she heard Eunji's story but she seems stuttered to say any question about their relationship."If what?",Eunji asked her."If you 'accidentally' say that you love him..?",Sulli asked.

"If I say I love him..I love him as my brother..since he has a big talent as the best dancer at Gangwon High..same as my brother Junho.I always watching them dancing together at his house...Junho seems stronger than him,and Taemin want him to be his 'coach',at the same time,his brother too..",Eunji continued."Wow..a big family..",Sulli seems interesting.

"Ne..well,I can help you to tell Taemin about your confession at him..",Eunji was ready to help her."Thanks a lot,sunbaenim..",Sulli stood up and bowed."Hey,don't call me 'sunbaenim'..just call me 'eonni'..~",Eunji smiled.

"Wow...eonni has such a beautiful smile..~",Sulli said in heart.


"The bell is already ringing..~back to your class,girl..~",Eunji said."Don't you miss him so much?",Sulli asked her before she left out from class."Same as you,I'm really miss him..I will celebrate Chuseok without him for the first time..",Eunji continued.Suddenly,her sadness were back when Sulli talked about Taemin.

"Okay..I hope I can see you again,eonni!",Sulli waved her hand at Eunji and went out from her class."Of course you can see me again..~I'm gonna sick with your seniors,because I always 'SEE' them..~",Eunji sighed.

* * * *
Hara and Minho were back to their class together.As usual,'romantic drama' was begun when 'these' couple came to the class.Hara saw Eunji was reading her comic,to release her tension and her loneliness without Taemin.

It's time for Hara to disturb her.Eunji was covering her face with comic,at the same time,she can see Hara was nearly want to approach.


"Minho is mad now!You leave him alone!!",Eunji screamed.Hara was shock and she looked back.At the same time,Eunji patted Hara's back with a piece of paper."Omona!!Oppa seems lonely without me!!Well,Eunji,although I hate you,but I still 'love' you..wait!Only for today because Hyuna is absent!!Err..Whatever..thanks,sweetie!",Hara pinched her cheek.

"Euw..",Eunji feels wanna threw up.Suddenly,she laughed by herself and then she leaved from her class and went to the library.Although she walked further away from her class,but all student still can hear her voice when she a GHOST..~.All student at class feel weird with Eunji.They looked at Hara's back,and they burst to laugh.

"What?What??",Hara confused.Minho feels embarrass when people laughed at Hara,and him too..

"Oppa..~why they are laughing at me?",Hara asked Minho.Minho took a piece of paper at her back and gave it to her.

"I'm a dummy girl who can't solve an equation.But I love Minho-oppa so much!!!>3<~"

So,that's why Minho feels embarrass with her.Quickly,he went out from class too."Oppa!!!!!!",Hara screamed."DAMN!!!",Hara was mad.

* * * *
Minho skip his class..and also Eunji.

When he was on his way to somewhere that Hara can't found him,he saw Eunji read her comic at library."She looks damn cute with her big glasses..",he talked to himself,while his eyes kept stare at Eunji when she was too serious reading her comic at library,with her big blue glasses.

He entered to the library and tried to find her.

It's already 10 minutes left..but,Minho still can't find her.

"Geez...where's that girl,huh?",Minho sighed,plus,he was too tired." hair..~it's wet because of my sweat!",Minho wiped his sweat on his face.

Suddenly,he saw a white shadow at dark place in the library.Doesn't anybody try to reach at dark place in the library after they saw a white shadow there.

Minho such a brave boy,so he went to the dark place.He tried to find out if 'white shadow' was really a ghost..or a human being.

"Hey,you!",Minho saw a girl with school uniform,but it seems like white shadow when he saw her from further away."Minho ah..don't try to break the rule at here!This is library!!",a 'girl' broke the silent."I think I know who she is..~",Minho can recognize a girl's voice.


"Eunji?",Minho was shocke because a 'white shadow' that made all student feel scared to reach at dark place was Eunji.

"So what?",Eunji said."So,the white shadow..ugh..",Minho stuttered."Yeah!!My teacher who take care of this library can't stop laughing when some students saw me here~",Eunji continued without looked at his face.

"Yeah..of always tied your hair at class and now,you try to release and.."."What?Try to scare them??",Eunji cut his words and he's nodded.She laughed.

"Why?Of course it's wrong!You make your hair release like a ghost..They think you are an ex-student who died here..",Minho's words made Eunji was laughing non-stop.Eunji walked closely to him and tried to tie Minho's hair.

"Ah!!It's!",Minho stuttered."See?Now you were already know why I must do that!",Eunji said."Teacher asked me to clean up at here so that someone who can repair all light and fan here without any dust ..",she's continued.

"Thank God because Ms.Juri is absent today for 2 hour class today..Ugh...If Taemin will not follow all his team at Seoul today,maybe he feels so happy now and help me here!",Eunji sighed."You talk a lot!",Minho teased her while walked around the dark place to search any books can read.

Eunji need to clean up a space at the bookcase which located higher than her real height.So,she using a ladder to climb up.Minho kept watch her from far away when she climbed up so that she still save there.

Eunji saw someone who put a comic on a space that she must clean up.She's too happy until she lost her balance and fell down.

"Ouch...~",Eunji looked at her bleeding knee."Yah!What are you doing at there until you fall down??",Minho kept mumble."Just say that you don't want to help me,but at least,you keep your mouth shut up!",Eunji mad.Suddenly,she cried because it's hurt.

Minho took first-aid-kit box near the bookcase.Quickly,Eunji took it from him and cured her bleeding knee."Gratefully,she can cure it by herself..I really can't do it..",Minho was panic.

After she put a medicine on her bleeding knee and patch it with plaster,she tried to stand up and continued to clean up."Wai!",Minho said when Eunji climbed up the ladder again."Are you nut?Now,which body part you want to hurt?",Minho kept mumble.Eunji just ignored it.

Minho approached her and grabbed her waist.It's looks like Minho carried her like a baby.Eunji was too shy and her face became red like tomato."Just let me clean it up for you..",Minho said.Eunji just stunned and stared at him who climbed up to the space that he must clean it.

* * * *
It's been a half an hour they kept clean up..without talking to each other.

* * * *
"Are you really hate Hara and her friends?",Minho broke the silent."No..",Eunji just gave a simple answer."She's the only one who hate me..Wherever she try to beat me with her beauty and popularity,but she's still going down in academic.Don't you feel that she just embarrassing you?Close down her fanclub justr want to be a president for your fanclub?Doesn't she mess up your mind?",Eunji's sentence were too long.

"Well,I'm just ignored it..If I can be an ordinary person like you and Taemin,and a bit ugly like you.."."What?",Eunji can hear it."Sorry..just want to tease you..",Minho smiled.Eunji can't keet staring his beautiful smile."Omoo..Eunji..what happen with your mind now!!!!",Eunji kept hit her head like crazy.

"I live in wealthy life since I was child.But,it seems boring without any friends..All people around me are not my friends..but,they keep crazy with me..because of my status,my pretty face..But,they never see my kindness..just my that's why I'm a bit rude with you for the first time we met..",when Minho talked about past when they met for the first time,Eunji still remember it.

"But,one day,maybe you can have your own friends too..or right now..~",Eunji said."What do you mean..?",Minho asked."Hey,only me and Taemin who never show our craziness at,who's know..we can be your friend..?",Eunji told.Seems like Eunji never feels embarrass to told Minho that she want to be his friend.

Minho went down from the ladder."I never hear that answer before..from any people..",Minho stared at her eyes."So?Why not?My craziness only for Korean pop group,SHINee...specially their 'maknae'(youngest member) and the rapper on that group..",Eunji went to her dreamland when she thinking about her favourite Korean pop group,SHINee.

"Eunji ah..!!!",someone called her name."Oh!that's my teacher..",Eunji heard her teacher's voice.She quickly ran away..Suddenly,she fell down because of her knee was too hurt."Your knee still not well now..don't be too stubborn now!",Minho mumbled..

Minho carried Eunji in bride style."Hey,hey!!!what are you doing,huh??",Eunji just can open her eyes widely.Your knee is still bleeding..Look!",Minho kept mumble again.She was too shy.."She's cute when she became shy..",Minho stared at her eyes,since their face were too closed."Hey,don't look at me like that!!",Eunji doesn't want to look at him."You looks like a little kid,friend..",Eunji was shock when he called her as friend. Seoul..

"I miss you so much,Eunji..",Taemin looked on Eunji's picture in his wallet."Wish me luck!"