Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Chuseok holiday is begin.It suppossed to be the most happiness holidays ever.But,not for Eunji and all peoples in home..~


"Can't you recognize my voice.."

A few words came from that stranger still haunted Eunji's mind,with her weak condition at the next morning..~She still sat on her bed.

"His voice...really familiar...a guy..a guy that I met 4 years ago..",Eunji tried to remind back."Argh!!!If I keep thinking about it,my holidays will become the worst holiday ever!!!",she feels upset while threw a pillow.

She doesn't knew that someone was hit by her pillow when he opened the door."Yah!!",Junho yelled."Oppa..~",Junho came with a set of breakfast in a tray."Everytime I enter to your room,I feel I enter to your tae-kwon-do's practice room..threw that and that..~",Junho kept yelling at her but Eunji just remain silent..~She still not well..~

"So,are you feels better now?",Junho asked.He touched his sister's forehead.She smiled.A fake smile with full of sadness."I'm sorry..",a brother who ready to feed his sister a breakfast of kimchi fried rice confessed something to her in sudden."Why?",Eunji said."I can't be your good brother...~I keep yell at you although you always ignored it...~I can't...",Junho can't continued his words because his lovely sister gave a warm hug.

"Nagging is 'good' for me..~because you love brother love me..~",Eunji still on Junho's side.

"Thank you..",he tapped her shoulder.

Minho who seeked these Lee's siblings feels a bit sad."Why I must born as the only son of family?",Minho kept asked in his heart...~

* * * *

Nothings to do during the holidays..~




+CHATTING..(she's only chat with her fans..~not Taemin..)


"Boring..~",Eunji still on her bed..~reading a few of comics that she bought from Seoul Comic Festival with Taemin..

"Taemin!!",suddenly,she mention his name.She grabbed her cellphone and tried to called him."Wait!!",she stopped for a while.

"Am I must call him now?Maybe he busy right now!",Eunji thinking.Suddenly,a ringtone of "Lucifer" was rang from her cellphone.

What she can see..~Taemin..~her bestfriend's called her.



Remain silent...for a while..

"Eunji ah..~are u there?"

"Ne...err..~I..whatever..~I miss you..~"

Eunji feels a bit shy.For Taemin..he's happy....of course..~

"Me too..It will be the most worst Chuseok Festival soon..~"

He sighed.


"I can't celebrate it with you..~"

Eunji can feels how sad he is...~

"Mianhae..~you must sacrifice it..all peoples need to sacrifice to reach their own dream..~make your become true..~not only come from your words to say it..~"

Eunji's words really made Taemin's spirit became higher,and higher!!!

"I know..~I'll bet,you also feels boring now..~"

As he though..~it's true..~

"Ne..~you always bring me at everywhere during holidays..~Now,I'm a fatso who spend her holidays only eat..sleep..nagging..~bla,bla,bla..~"

"Aniyeyo..~the picture that you sent with my cat..~look so cute!!I think you r the most cutest than my cat..~Plus,I like you spoiler image with my cat!!"

He's laughed..~Eunji also feels entertainted by him..

"Aigoo..~You are so funny!!Did you learn from Dongjun?"

As you know,Dongjun not only a prankster,but he also good in making peoples happy...

"Ne..~So that everytime I call you,I will tell any jokes to entertain you,although we apart now..~"

Just heard the way he said..~Eunji a bit sad..~

"Mianhae..~I know you will upset if I say that..~"

"Gwenchana..~Ok!I must hang up now!!Junho will be mad if I'm not going downstair to help him tidy up our dirty home..~"

"Ne..enjoy your holiday..and..~~"

Taemin was stuttered..~He wanted to said that he love her..~


"Err..nothing..~Hope I can touch your cheek before I I always do at you.."

Suddenly,Taemin heard a sound from Eunji..Seems she made a 'kiss sign' at him..


Aigoo..~Taemin feels so excited!!

"Haha!!!MMUAH!!OK!!Hang up now!!jya~"

Both of them hang up together..


"I love you,Eunji..",he can't said it to her..


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