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At a 'secret room' in Eunji's home..

"Geez...I'M TIRED!!!!!",Junho mumbled after put all his efforts in his dance.

Someone knocked the door..

"Anyeong..I'm here..",Eunji approached him.She brought some snacks and drinks for her brother."Oh..Eunji..Your brother is really starving now....",Junho acted like a little kid..Crawling to Eunji and kept pull her leg."Hey,hey!!Don't make my pants off!!",Eunji's mad.

* * * *
Meanwhile they were having fun eating their meals at 'secret room'..

"Hey, looks weird when you come at this room!",Junho feels weird with his youngest sister who kept looked around the room."I don't really know that our home has this room.Well,it's looks like a dancing room..our parents are dancer too..?",Eunji asking."I don't know..",Junho gave a simple answer.

Junho told a story of about the room,while these Lee's siblings were enjoyed their snacks.

[Junho's POV]

If I'm not wrong..I was 10 years old who really crazy about dance since we still stay at orphanage house.

After we moved out from there and stayed with our 'new' parents,My interest in dance was disappeared because I was too excited with our new parents.

When our principal told us about a 'new' parents will adopt us,I really don't want to be their son.Because,I was scared if they only picked me as their son and leaved,my life would be like Cinderella..being their slaves..But,I'm wrong,they are so nice..

For your information,our parents are working with the most wealthy company from Choi's family.(Eunji:at say it was Choi Sulli's family..not Choi Minho..)

That's not important,actually..(writer:silly Junho..xP)

So,they treated us like their own kids.(Eunji:maybe they were too busy until can know..~If a husband and wife want a kid n their life..they must do that..~)

Oh..I know..-__-"

When we moved to their house,I'm just walked around the house.

Suddenly,I found this room is located underground place of this home.When you walked at the alley to reach the door,it seems a bit mystery..(Eunji:I thought I was walking to the cave..T-T)

When I walked in,I saw many mirrors in this room.A piano also in this room...~

"That's our dance room..",omma said.

(Eunji:How can our parents worked as business person can be a dancer before..O_o)

"Your dad really love dancing..ballroom dancing...all type of classics dance..He will dance with me when we celebrated our marriage anniversary..",omma said..

[Junho's POV end]

"I see...",Eunji seems understand.

"Oppa,let's go to the upstairs..I'll bet someone will come here..It would be hard for us to hear their voice..",Eunji said.Junho just followed what his lovely youngest sister said.

When they reached to the living room,they heard a sound of car from the outside.

Junho followed the sound of car.He seek a sound of car from inside.

"Wow..a limo..!",Junho was shock.A white limo park in front of Lee's home in sudden.Eunji and Junho reached to the outside to found out who's the limo's owner.Suddenly,a driver with his smart uniform driver came out from limo and approached them.

"This is Lee Choiji's house?",driver asked someone from them."That's our father..~",Junho replied.Then,driver took a letter and gave it to Junho.Junho read it..

~Dear,my kids..Junho and Eunji..

Your father and mom are still in healthy.Well,I'm still busy at Canada now,while your beloved mom still taking care of my healthy too..Of course we miss you too..and also,Choi's family too..I work for him so I must fulfill his dreams..

Since Mr.Choi only has a son,he must live with you..Their parents must visit to Canada to discuss our next project..Since his son also study at Gangwon High,maybe you can help him and study,and be his friend..

Hope,you never make me disappointed,arasseo..~

Lastly,we want to say that we REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH..~Please forgive us if we not comeback to Seoul to celebrate Chuseok with you guys..~

Hope,with a new 'family member' in our house,he can bring a happiness in your life without us..


"See?Appa work with his family..~",Junho's story are real.

"Oppa,daddy say that his son also study at Gangwon High..And who is he?",Eunji asked him,but Junho kept shrug his shoulder.

"Wait..~",a driver gave a simple answer for her question.He went to the limo and opened the door for his master.

Eunji just can open her mouth widely because Lee's son that she must took care is...."Minho??",Eunji said.

"Ouh..this guy..",Junho sighed.Seems like he knew him as the most popular student at Gangwon High.

"Hey,am I must live at here?",Minho asked his driver and he's nodded.He just gave a big sighed.

* * * *
At night..~

Minho still in his outfit that he wore before he came at Eunji's home.

Meanwhile,Eunji and Junho had a conversation at the kitchen.

"Look..he still wear his outfit when he come at here..Ugh!That's mean he don't want to use our bathroom..He think our bathroom is dirty..~",Eunji feels uncomfortable while drank her orange juice."Hm..hey,I'm a boy,and he also..let me has a conservation..between me and him..face to face...",Junho show his braveness."Oppa!!Good luck!",Eunji gave a massage at his shoulder before a conversation between Minho and him was begun.

Junho made a first step to went out from kitchen to the living room.But..

"Oh my..I think I can't..What happen if our parents will be upset at us if we always mad him?",Junho lost his braveness just looked at Minho's face in sudden.

"Coward!",one word to describe Junho's personality when he looked at Eunji..

Eunji just walked to the living room while Junho followed him from behind.

"Minho's already 9PM..Just take a shower first,I will..I will cook a dinner for you guys..",Eunji said."It's okay..I'm not dying if I'm not change my outfit..",Minho said..with his arrogant face."Just say that you really can't take a shower using our bathroom!!We always clean up our bathroom everytime after we shower!!",Eunji's mad.

"You are live with ordinary house..all about ordinary..not a castle which full of luxurious..~",Eunji continued.

"I really don't know why my dad send me at this house..",Minho wanted to fight back.Junho just stood in the middle of a referee..

"I never ask your dad to take care of you..If you want to go home,just go!",Eunji fought back.

Then,Minho took all his things and went to the outside.Quickly Eunji closed the door and locked it.

"Eunji ah..~ARE YOU NUT!!!!!!!!???",Junho was shock."So what?I'll bet,his parents send him at us because they were tired to take care their 'naughty prince'..",Eunji said."Enough!Just stay here,and I want to cook for dinner..",Eunji went to the kitchen.

* * * *
After 30 minutes...after they ate their dinner..did something they want....They feels sleepy..

Junho was the first who went to sleep,except Eunji...

"Since I leave him at outside,I though his driver will take him home..but,he still there...",Eunji mumbled.

Suddenly,a sound of raining were came..It was raining heavily,but Minho still stay at outside and wore his thick coat to prevent from cold.He just sat at the bench and let him was wet.

"Omoo..",Eunji sighed.

Suddenly,Eunji saw Minho was took a nap at bench.

"Hey,hey!!the rain is going down heavily and now he taking a nap!!Are you nut,Minho!!??",Eunji took an umbrella and went out to the outside.

"Minho ah..Minho ah!!Wake up..",Eunji woke him up but doesn't any respond from him.She tried to touch his forehead."Ouch!!It's hot!!",Eunji panic.She brought him and all his things at her home..

* * * *
Minho was in half awake..~

When he was really woke up from his dream..He look all things around him.

"Since when my parents change all furniture into such a cheap's home..?",Minho confused.He kept rub his head.

"You are still at my home..",Eunji who can hear what he said was went out from the kitchen with her corn porridge.

"Why I'm still at here?Did you already kick me out from your home..?",Minho asked and looked at the meal that Eunji brought for her."It's raining heavily at outside and you was pass out at outside..Are you crazy?Just let a beloved prince like you at the ouside?",Eunji explained.

She gave a bowl of porridge at Minho who still lying down at sofa.It's hard for Minho to held such a hot bowl."Err...I though he's such a real man...But,I'm wrong..",Eunji still mumbled non-stop in heart."Let me feed you..",Eunji took a bowl of hot corn porridge from him."I'm not a little kid..",Minho took back a porridge."Not a little kid?I saw you was uncomfortable because it hot!!",Eunji still complained about his attitude.

Eunji feed him."Since you never taste my cook,do you want to blow it so that it will be a little warm when you take a bite?",Eunji show a spoonful of porridge at him.And Minho blew it,and took a bite.

Seems like he really enjoyed it.

"Wooow..",Minho can't controlled himself when he took a bite of corn porridge."Can you teach me how to do that?",a weird question from Minho.

"What?",Eunji asked again."I said,can you teach me how to cook it?",Minho talked again."Sure..",Eunji continued feed him,while Minho kept stare her eyes..

"Sometime...she's really cute..really,really cute than Hara..~",Minho just praised her inside of his heart.

After she finished feed him,Eunji took a bowl of corn porridge and went to the kitchen.But,her step was stopped in sudden when Minho held her hand."Can you accompany me for one night..?",Minho said..with full of hope.Eunji was too shy.."Ne..",she said and quickly ran to the kitchen.

"Woow..",Eunji rubbed her heart.Her heart was beated so fast when she looked at Minho's cute face."Don't say that I'm really like him now!!",Eunji said.

She seeked Minho from the kitchen..Minho was watching a television.She slowly walked at Minho and sat a little further from him and watched a television without caring about him.

"Yauwhhh!!!!",Eunji's yawned."Go to sleep,I will close this television..",Minho said.But,it's weird..He don't heard any sound that Eunji was replied his words..or just walked to her room..

Actually,she's already fall asleep...The way she slept made Minho was laughing non-stop.Because,her position when she slept at sofa was too fun..She slept like a person sat too polite at the sofa..

Minho took a blanket next to him and covered at her body.He touched her soft and fair cheek.He moved his face closely..he tried to kiss her cheek..

And then,he turned off the television."I'm also feels sleepy now..",Minho said while stretched his body.But,he can't moved his sight from looked at Eunji's beauty when she slept.

He touched her head and patted her at his shoulder..

Now,Eunji slept at his shoulder..

"Next time..I hope..You teach me how to be an ordinary person..who suddenly,falling for you...~",Minho said,although Eunji can't heard it because she's already fall asleep.


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