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In the evening,at Eunji's fanclub room..

It's not what you thinking when it call as 'fanclub room',all Eunji's fans played something funny or show their love to their beloved Eunji.

All what they did are...finishing their homeworks together with her,before Chuseok's holiday begun.

" looks tired now..",one of her junior talked to her."Aneyo...~",Eunji's lied."Of course I'm tired...!!!This is the last day we schooling today and tomorrow,Chuseok holiday is begin.So,hurry up!!!",that's a real Eunji.

Eunji was a 'teacher' for her junior..everytime they wanted to had a study group after school day,Eunji was a person that they need.

"Eonni,can you help me to solve this equation?",another girl asked her.Whenever it was too tired for her,but she still want to taught them..

* * * *

"Thank you,sunbaenim..",a group of girls were bowed down of Eunji's serviced."Your welcome.Enjoy your holiday,guys!!",Eunji waved at them,while they were made a steps to the outside of the school.

* * * *

She busy packed all her books into the bag,and tidy up her room before she leave.Suddenly,the door was locked.She was shocked."Aigoo....who lock this room!!!??",Eunji tried to opened but failed.She knocked too hardly but that's no anyone at the outside."Oh my God,it's already 7PM now!Junho-oppa will mad at me!!",she mumbled to herself while looked at her wristwatch.

Unfortunately,she choosed to be upset and just waited for someone to saved her.

" me...I'm lonely..~",her bestfriend's name that she called out,but he still at Seoul.

* * * *

Meanwhile,at Seoul..

Taemin's group were take a breath before last rehearsal for that day was over."Hey,Taemin,let's eat now!!",Dongjun patted his shoulder."I'm not hungry now...",Taemin never looked at his face,but,only imagined that Eunji's face is beautiful than a view of Seoul city at night.It's mean he really miss her so much.

"Ok...",Dongjun just nodded.He gave a pack of sandwich and milk to Taemin."Eat it if you hungry..",Dongjun said before he leaved the training room.

When he looked at sandwich and milk,the first thing that he kept thinking was Eunji..

"Eunji always drink milk first,and then she eat her sandwich...",Taemin still remember the way she ate.

He took his milk and opened it.Badly,it was splitted out from it contain." is my bad luck!!",worse words came out from his mouth when he became stressed."Why I always feel worry about her now?",Taemin sighed.

* * * *

At school,in Eunji's fanclub room..

Eunji feels cold in room.Since,she wore school uniform...with her uniform's too cold,although she stay in room.

She tried to call her brother or someone else..

* * * *

At home..

"Ugh!!!where's that girl!!!??",Junho feels mad,while his fingers kept typing numbers on his white Samsung Corby phone.

Suddenly,Minho's phone was rang.

"Yeoboseyo?",Minho said."Minho ah...~can I talk to my brother...",Minho was shocked when he heard Eunji's voice who was stuttered and feels sick because of her room was in cold temperature at night.

"Hyeong!Eunji!!",quickly Junho took his phone after heard his youngest sister's name."Eunji!Where are you now!!!??You know what time is it now!!?",Junho kept mumbled after got to call Eunji."Someone locked my room...~I'm still at my room..~can you come at school and stop mumbled about that??",she burst into tears.Junho hanged up and took purple umbrella next to shoes drawer.

"Hyeong!!",Minho stopped him for a while."Just allow to get her back home,please..",Minho begged."She's mine,so,mind your own business!"he pushed him and nearly opened the door."Yah!She's cried like a crazy and now she's lonely in dark place and feels scared.And now,you angried with your youngest sister who need some help from her brother.That's you call youself as brother?",Minho 'attacked' back with his truthfully words.Junho stayed back because he feels shame in front of a people who doesn't born as Lee's family.He feels embarrassed because he can't be a good brother for Eunji.

Because too embarrassed,he only looked down,and gave an umbrella at Minho and went to upstairs."I hope she still save..",Junho said without looked at him for a bit."Maybe you should call your driver now!",Junho gave a suggestion."No!Eunji said I must live as an ordinary person!!",he leaved after said it.

* * * *


At school..


It sounds like a someone's foot.Someone walked near to Eunji's fanclub room.She's anxious."Is that Minho..?Junho?or someone..??",she scared.Suddenly,the door was opened.Eunji was happy because a mystery guy who wore black hoodie and mask opened a door for her.

"I..I don't know what I to say now.Thank you so much!",she hugged and quickly she took her school bag and went out.But,the mystery guy can caught her fastest than her."Hey,I wanna back home now!Can you let me go!?",Eunji tried to escaped from him but his hand too strong."If this person is Hara,it's impossible because his hand look...big!","Who are you?",Eunji asked.While stranger's hand kept held her."Can't you recognize my voice..",stranger said.Seems like he knew Eunji."His voice...looks familiar..",Eunji said.

The stranger held her hair but Eunji used her skills in tae-kwon-do.Unfortunately,a stranger seems can 'detected' the way she tried to kicked him.He punched her and...she fainted..~

Stranger said,"You rejected my love at you..I kept it 4 years ago.But you never saw it!",a stranger kept mumbled while touched Eunji's soft cheek.

Suddenly,Minho ran into the room and saw the stranger tried to loose her school uniform."Hey,don't touch my girl!!",Minho grabbed his collar and gave a strong hit on his face.The stranger was fell down because of Minho's strong punch."Who are you?",stanger asked him."And who the hell are you to touch my girl?",Minho asked him too."Watch your mouth kid!!",stranger woke up from his injured,and continued to made Minho suffered.But,Minho's eyes were sharp like a tiger which it already found a target to 'kill'.

Minho show that stranger how strong he is.

"I'll be back..~I'll never stop to make her suffer..and you..and Taemin..~",stranger was ran away from him because that was a lot of energy that stranger used to 'knock' him down but failed.

"Taemin?Why he must mention that 'woody boy'?",Minho confused.That's not important..~-_-"

"Eunji..~Eunji ah..~",Minho tried to woke her up but Eunji still looks like a weak person and her eyes still closing,like a goddess passed out while her musketeer busy try to save her.

"She's not wake up!",Minho try his hard to woke her up.Seems like..."She sleep..",Minho struggled with a kid which name as Eunji.

Suddenly,Eunji's cellphone rang.A phone screen was shown Eunji's bestfriend's name,LEE TAEMIN...~

Minho was a bit jealous because his 'contender' kept calling her non-stop.He turned off her cellphone.Minho carried here like a bride style and walked to his limo with a driver.

* * * *

At home...~

"Lee...Lee....~leeeeeeee....EEuunnjiii...~",Junho lay down on the sofa with full of anxious.His legs kept moved and moved non-stop,like a kid.

Someone rang a bell."Eunji!",the first thing that Junho kept remind is Eunji will save and back early.Unfortunately...

"Pizza delivery...~",an employee from pizza restaurant sent 2 boxes of pizzas."12,000 won",an employee continued."Ne,ne...don't say it too loudly..I know I will pay..",Junho mumbled while he picked out his purse."Mianhae..I'm a new worker...",a sweet voice came from a young female employee.When she looked at her customer,she smiled.That's a main theme for any

"So cute!!",Junho was shy.He gave his money for pizzas and quickly closed the door."Annoying...~",a young female employee said."At least,just bow a bit at me...or gave me a bit smile..although it's look awkward...arrogant!annoying!!everything bad start from a letter of A!!",she kept mumbled while walked to her motorcycle.

* * * *

"Aigoo...",Junho's heart beated so fast.

" can I order 2 boxes of pizzas without thinking about my sister..where is she now???",Junho sighed.

Suddenly,another sound of bell.Junho ran to the door and opened.It was Minho with a weak girl,Eunji who still not woke up.

"Hey,what happen??",Junho carried her while his mouth still can told Minho about her.

Minho told him everything happened to Eunji.He shocked when heard someone tried to rapped her.Most shockly,that stranger also mention about Taemin.

"Phew..but,thank God,you save my sister...",Junho took a depth shown that he's in good condition after saw his youngest sister was saved."Gwenchana...If I'm still stay at here..,I will protect her...don't worry,hyung.",Minho said.


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